Digital Berean

What is Digital Berean?

Digital Berean is an online Bible study service containing hand-picked resources and studies on a wealth of Christian topics. Digital Berean was designed and created by the teacher of a small group Bible study in an effort to provide supplemental resources such as audio and video from third party teachers.

The blog is available for all visitors while the members area provides resources for students who attend classes.

This site was created to provide a resource for students to access curated training resources from trusted teachers and theologians from free online resources such as YouTube, Vimeo, SermonAudio and SoundCloud. Our prayer is that God is glorified through this ministry as his Scriptures and the doctrines we glean from them point us more and more to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

What is Digital Berean's Doctrinal Position?

The creator of this site holds to the Apostle's Creed, the Nicene Creed and the Chalcedon Statement. We lean in the Reformed direction (holding to the Westminster Confession of Faith and/or the London Baptist Confession), although the videos and audio lessons on this site contain a wealth of different positions. This site contains a collection of lessons that include a wealth of different doctrinal positions for educational purposes. Digital Berean has hundreds of training videos and audio lessons from teachers in all flavors of orthodox Christianity.

Who Can Use Digital Berean?

While the site has a public blog with articles, the members section is designed for members of the weekly studies. We at times may open it to others who have been invited by members of the study. You can request an account.



Soli Deo Gloria
(Glory to God Alone)

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