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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to both users who view our public blog and those who login to an account to access the member resources. Note that certain aspects of this policy may apply to one or both types of visitors.

In using the Digital Berean web site as a member, we log the pages you view on Digital Berean in order to provide a viewing history. Those pages are linked and stored in your account. In addition, when you create an account your name and email are stored along with any comments or material you submit as well as searches you make on the site. Your name and/or username and your comments are always public and can be viewed by others who have signed up for Digital Berean and may be indexed publicly by Google or other search engines. This information may also be indexed by search engines and services. Comments you make on this site are also stored indefinitely. Digital Berean may retain your login credentials, browser info, IP address, viewing history, search history, comments and other data indefinitely for reporting, security and historical purposes. This data may be tied/linked to your user account to allow us to better tailor services to you. If you'd like for us to delete this information from our database you can email us at to request removal.

We may utilize Google Analytics on our site to track analytical data to determine how well our web pages are working. Google collects your browsing data while on our site as well as usage of cookies and your IP address. You have the option to opt out through Google. Analytical data gathered through Google Analytics is used internally for our own marketing research.

Our hosting provider collects server logs for site statistics. These logs provide us and them with your IP address, page visited, time and referring URL. Our web site and online services may also utilize third party applications to provide additional services (such as embedded fonts, embedded videos and customer support scripts). These services may have their own tracking procedures in place that Digital Berean has no control over. (For example, if you are logged into your Google account and view Youtube videos embedded on this site, Google may log that you visited the page and that your watched the video.) You are encouraged to visit those third party sites to obtain their privacy policies. We may also utilize online ads on the site to help generate revenue to run the site.

Our web site uses cookies and javascript/jquery to control how you login to the site. Cookies are required to use this site if you want the site to remember your username when logging in. Cookies will contain a session identifier as well as some other account information such as your email address or username if you select the option to remember your username when logging into this site. If you disable cookies on our site it may not work correctly or as designed.

Our site embeds video lessons from third party services such as Vimeo, SoundCloud and Youtube. Those services track the use and views and by using their services you are agreeing to their terms of use and privacy policies. We have absolutely no control over the technologies or tracking policies/techniques of embedded videos. We also have no control over the content of the video and audio from third party resources.

Basically, we use the information you supply and the information from your activity on this site to provide this service. We will not sell or give away your information to others except where required by law or where necessary for our services to work properly.

By providing your email address to us, you allow us to routinely send you email notifications related to activity and your account on Digital Berean as well as contact you to tell you about new services or new resources. You also allow us to store your personal contact information such as your email and name in our database indefinitely. You have the option in your account to disable email notifications.

We make every effort to secure your personal data and usage information in our online databases. For example, we encrypt your password. However, our services are run by a third party hosting provider and we make no guarantees either implied or actual to the safeguarding of your data that you provide to us. To sum up, there is no way to make an impenetrable database from hackers and prying eyes.


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