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All Roads Lead to God

Brace yourself - all roads do in fact lead to God.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking this guy has turned into a heretic. You’ve probably been taught and brought up being told that all roads don’t lead to God. Well, that’s true in one sense. But in another very important sense, it’s also true that all roads do lead to God. Let me explain.

You’ve probably been flipping the channel on your TV and stopped on a popular talkshow featuring a panel of spiritual people—everyone from Christians to Atheists. Inevitably, someone either from the audience or the host will utter that dreaded phrase, “but all religions lead to God!” As a Christian you probably cringe when you hear that and your inner instinct is to shout at the television, “there is only one way to God and that one way is Jesus Christ!” And you’d be right, if you qualify what “to God” means.

The Christian faith is clear that there is only one way to be saved. That one way isn’t a method or something we do. That one way is a person. And that person is Jesus Christ. Jesus made it clear that he alone is the way, the truth and the life and that no one comes to the Father except through him. But Jesus is speaking about something very specific— salvation. He is speaking about the way in which fallen humanity can come before God in complete forgiveness and the imputed righteousness required to enter his presence. Jesus is speaking of the narrow road that is salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, to the glory of God alone. Oh, and that single road that is salvation is full of dangers, toils and snares. It’s rocky and a hard path to tread. It’s a difficult road because a new heart that seeks to love God will now have to constantly battle (by God’s grace and strength) sin, the world, and Satan. So, when it comes to salvation and forgiveness, it is false to say that all roads lead to God. However, in another very important and terrifying sense, all roads do lead right to God.

Of most importance, we must begin with the truth that there is only one God. So no matter what else you worship, whether it is self (which is the prevalent god of our culture) or one or more of the millions of gods that the human mind has conceived, they are all false, impotent and concoctions. There is only one true God. That one true God is the God of the Scriptures. He is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He is the triune God who eternally exists in three persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit - all of which are co-equal, co-eternal and co-existent. There are no others, no matter how hard you try and drum up another. Mankind is guilty of creating idols — false gods that cater to our whims and fancies. Humans are experts at creating false gods made in their image! One Christian author of old has rightly said that the human mind and heart is a perpetual idol factory.

So, since there is only one true God, worshiping a false god (and there is a buffet to choose from) will indeed lead you right smack-dab to the one true God. If you’re traveling on a road other than the one that is Jesus Christ, what awaits you is nothing but the terrifying judgement of that one true God. You see, God is not only loving and forgiving, he is also just and righteous. Because he is just and righteous he must punish sin. His holiness demands that he has eternal wrath again sinners. His justice demands that sin be punished. And because our sin is against eternal goodness it demands eternal punishment. That eternal punishment is called hell. Hell isn’t the absence of God, it is the place where the unmitigated wrath of God is poured out forever. Hell is the absolute worst and terrifying place in all of creation.

This takes us back to that road called Jesus Christ. It’s the only safe road. It’s the only road where the unmitigated wrath of God has already been spent. It’s the only road where weary sinners can freely traverse realizing that there is no condemnation for them because Jesus has already satisfied God’s wrath for them on the cross. That narrow, rocky path is the only road that leads to God’s forgiveness because the only way God can forgive is if his righteous justice is upheld. Jesus propitiated (satisfied) God’s wrath fully. He drank every last drop of the wrath that Christians deserve. Not only that, the narrow way is also the road that declares that you take nothing with you. No baggage on this road! Why? Because on this road you cling to nothing but Christ and his righteousness. Christ not only died to propitiate God’s wrath for his people, but he also lived the perfectly sinless and obedient life for them. The narrow road of Christianity provides the removal of the wrath of God for sin as well as the addition of the perfect righteousness of God himself. The Bible warn humanity to flee from the wrath to come. The only road to take to flee and be safe is the narrow road — the road called Jesus Christ.

So, what about all the other roads? There are millions of them. Some of them are labeled ‘Believe in Yourself’. A good majority of them are labeled ‘Do Good Works’. There are even a few roads with signs that read ‘There is no God’. Some of the roads are lined with beautiful flowers with choirs singing Amazing Grace. This road has names like ’Church’ and ‘Baptism’ and ‘Repeat a Prayer’. Some of these roads have people on them that attend good Christian churches. They sing in the choir. They may even pastor a church. They are frolicking down one (or more) of these many roads thinking they are in the forgiving arms of God. They are trusting in everything but Jesus, or they are trusting in Jesus plus something else. Either way, it’s still the broad road! The millions of other roads have everything from flat out atheists to the most moral church goers dressed in their Sunday best. Jesus tells us that the way is broad and easy that leads to destruction and there are many who travel that road.

That gets us to the startling and horrifying truth that all roads do in fact lead to God. Every single road that is not the single narrow road that is Jesus, leads straight to God’s wrath and indignation. Every other road leads to the great white throne judgement of God Almighty. Those roads end at a blindingly bright judgment seat with fire, peals of thunder and lightning. They lead to a book opened that reveals every thought, word and deed ever committed. The judge of all the earth will punish unbelievers with perfect equity. God will cast unbelievers body and soul along with Satan, his demons and even death itself into the lake of fire—a place of eternal suffering and damnation. Every false religion and idol will inevitably lead you right to the one true God’s judgment. And if you are traversing on the broad road when you meet that one true God, your mouth will be shut as the law of God condemns you and the judge of all creation sentences you to eternal hell fire.

When we take all this in, it should cause us to marvel that there is a way to redemption and forgiveness at all. We are all sinners who deserve nothing but eternal damnation. But God has gloriously provided a single way. Jesus is that way. Jesus suffered the eternal hell on the cross that his people deserve and lived the perfect live that they failed to live. His life and his death are the gateway to eternal life and forgiveness. His resurrection is a banner to the world that he alone is the way to forgiveness and that the payment for sins is paid in full. He is the narrow way. No matter what the charlatan television preachers say, it’s not an easy way. The narrow way requires you to repent from thinking you are good or that you bring anything to God. It requires you come to God by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone for forgiveness and righteousness. And this new life in Christ means a life-long battle with sin, the world and the devil. But on this narrow, hard path Jesus promises to never leave you or forsake you as he prepares you through trials and suffering to live forever with him in the new heavens and the new earth.

The choice is before you. You can take the easy broad way, but it leads to destruction. It leads to God’s unmitigated wrath. Or, you can take the narrow way that leads to complete forgiveness and the perfect righteousness of Christ. It leads to God’s loving forgiveness and a transfer from the kingdom of darkness to the family of God where you will have the highest privilege of addressing God as Father and no longer as judge.

Today is the day of salvation! If you are walking on that broad path, cry out to God to grant you repentance and faith to cast yourself fully on Christ Jesus. If you are a believer on the narrow path, remember that every trial and suffering is used to conform you more into the image of Jesus. Never stop praising God for his mercy to you as you make your way to that glorious moment when you will see the face of Christ!



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Posted: 2018-08-25
Tagged: Salvation, Christianity, Universalism


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